Voltari Corporation Launches "SecondClick" Technology for Better Customer Engagement

Voltari Corporation Launches "SecondClick" Technology for Better Customer Engagement

Company debuts advanced targeting and click optimization to deliver improved performance and outcomes for mobile marketers

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Voltari Corporation (NSDQ: VLTC), 10-year veteran in data driven solutions for smart marketing and advertising, announces key additions to its Voltari Connect platform, including the newest capability—SecondClick—allowing brands and retailers to target consumers taking action beyond the initial click on an advertisement.

"SecondClick enables brands to target more precisely along the funnel, to optimize audiences at that second click, a clear decision point for most consumers," said Rich Stalzer, Voltari's CEO. "With this kind of targeting, we are able to support one of the major objectives of most brands: driving customers into stores. We do this by pinpointing a key moment in the path to conversion, optimizing it in an instant, and continually applying what we learn. This process returns a higher ROI for advertising spend and helps companies build revenue."

Benefits of SecondClick

Marketers are often limited to monitoring only initial engagement and action—or the impression and the first click—and then optimizing campaigns based on that incomplete activity. Voltari knows this does not take the process far enough or take advantage of the revenue opportunity further down the funnel. SecondClick empowers marketers who want true real-time optimization in targeting and to convert consumer activity beyond the advertisement. Marketers can now intelligently optimize campaigns based on the most impactful actions, while benefiting from smarter automation and real-time attribution modeling in the process.

How it Works

The Voltari Connect system looks at audiences completing a marketer's desired action or engagement step and then uses sophisticated targeting technology to find similar audiences. The targeting technology looks beyond the attributes of the first click audience and instead focuses on the attributes of the converting audience. Those attributes are targeted and revised over the course of the campaign. To marketers and agencies, reach is often measured in total available impressions (eye-balls). For this reason, reach needs to be wide, but targeting, segments, and audience are narrowed and tightened to maximize conversion volume.

A welcome entry to the market, Voltari's SecondClick optimization allows marketers to move beyond limited CTR metrics and actually focus on and measure engagement of their best customers. It's a more intelligent and swiftly executed operation than has been available to date. Based on a marketer's goals and objectives—such as engagement time, video completions, new customer registrations, coupon downloads, or other measurable actions—the Voltari system instantly analyzes, optimizes, and executes. "This ability to learn from and leverage consumer actions on-the-fly sets us apart from our competitors, where real-time is not the norm; so many systems still rely on static pre-campaign data and manual post-campaign number crunching," said Dr. David Castillo, Voltari CTO.

About Voltari

For more than a decade, Voltari has empowered brands and agencies to maximize their advertising dollars through smart marketing and advertising solutions. Voltari's real-time, machine-learning optimization delivers content and messaging to people who are most interested in it, when they are most likely to interact, through an integrated and scalable managed service platform. This technology enables Voltari's clients' campaigns to gain efficiencies that improve their performance over time. Voltari's technology, expertise and unique go-to-market approach continually deliver higher ROI for its customers while remaining respectful of consumer privacy and compliance with all relevant privacy statutes. For more information, visit www.voltari.com or follow @voltarimedia on Twitter.

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