Steven Cohen to Testify Before Grand Jury over Insider Trading


As federal officials investigate insider trading at Steven Cohen's SAC Capital Advisors, the noose has begun to tighten around his neck. There has long been a suspicion that he was aware of the illegal practice within his firm, if he did not employ it himself. Worries about the possible legal effects of the probe have caused many of his investors to flee. If Cohen is caught in the government's web, the process likely escalate.

CNBC reported on the investigation of SAC Capital Advisors:

Steven A. Cohen has received a subpoena to testify before a grand jury in the government's insider trading investigation into his hedge fund, SAC Capital Advisors, a development that signals a newly aggressive phase in the multiyear inquiry, according to lawyers and executives briefed on the case.

Issued last week, the grand jury subpoena came as part of a broader round of requests from criminal authorities. Other SAC executives were also named in the subpoenas, the lawyers and executives said, and the fund itself received requests for information about its activities.

The subpoenas suggested that federal prosecutors and the F.B.I. are intensifying their efforts to build a case, not only against SAC executives, but also the fund itself. Typically, a grand jury will hear testimony and review evidence before deciding to approve an indictment.

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