Enter A Contest And Win A Job! PR-Hungry Companies Stage 'Job Stunts'

Kid Rock singing onstage
Kid Rock singing onstage

Here's a job: Get flown out to New Orleans for a one-day mixology tutorial, and then to three Kid Rock shows over the coming months in Detroit, Chicago, and Irvine, Calif., to serve the aging enfant terrible his before and after-show cocktails. Compensation: $10,000.

Well, it's not a job exactly. It's a job stunt. A job where the work done is less valuable than the media attention it stirs. In this case, Jim Beam is ponying up the dough. In exchange, it gets a chance to rally its fan base (to apply, you must submit a 250-word essay conveying "Jim Beam/Kid Rock fan passion"), score some free press, and advertise its partnership with the rabble-rousing rap-rocker.

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