This Week's 5 Smartest Stock Moves

If you're feeling good about the market, you're not alone. Take my hand as we go over some of this week's more uplifting headlines.

1. Cool beans
is a distant second when it comes to video-streaming smorgasbords, but the leading online retailer isn't afraid to bid up exclusive content.

Amazon has a deal in place with NBC for Amazon Prime members to stream some of the network's most recent shows -- Grimm, Suits, Covert Affairs, Hannibal, and Defiance -- on an exclusive basis.

In another smart move, Amazon jumped into the virtual currency market by giving Kindle Fire 500 coins for free. Amazon Coins can be used for apps and games, with Amazon keeping nearly a third of the revenue. This isn't an easy market to crack, but the e-tailer is smart for handing out $5 worth of the new currency to tablet owners who are already familiar with Amazon's digital ecosystem. Educating the consumer and encouraging them to lean on Amazon Coins for future virtual purchases sometimes needs that little push to get it going.

2. Get fizzy with it
SodaStream moved higher after an encouraging Analyst Day led a couple of Wall Street pros to upgrade their opinion on the company.

The company behind the namesake beverage maker that turns still water into carbonated soda brushed off a goal of $1 billion in sales for 2016. Net margins are projected to clock in at a healthy 15% to 18% by then, to boot.

Coupled with new product introductions and inspirational updates on market penetration, it's easy to see why SodaStream shares have doubled over the past year. The only real surprise is that SodaStream is still trading for just shy of 20 times next year's profit target.

3. BlackBerry picking season
Shares of BlackBerry have traded lower in each of the past three trading days, suggesting that the market is displeased with revelations at the smartphone pioneer's BlackBerry Live this week.

Some are calling the struggling company's move to open up BlackBerry Messenger and secure device management to Android and iOS devices an act of sheer desperation.

I like the move. BlackBerry doesn't have to admit defeat. Market share numbers bear that out. If BlackBerry wants to regain its relevance, lassoing smartphone users into appreciating BlackBerry's technological merits sounds like a pretty smart plan.

4. Pump up the volume
It's hard to get excited about Google's All Access. The search giant's new music subscription service aims to take Spotify head on with a premium streaming platform that offers many of Spotify's features at the same $10 a month price.

However, I have to give Big G credit here. In rolling out the music service, Google is giving anyone who signs up before the end of June a discounted price of $7.99 a month.

This may make All Access a harder sell come July for those who didn't take advantage of the early bird rate, but at least it's a neat way to get folks to check it out now. Getting them in is half the battle.

5. All charged up
Tesla Motors
raced to all-time highs as investors continue to get excited about the top dog in electric automobiles.

Tesla was able to make lemonade out of lemons this week. Most stocks take a hit when they reveal that they are raising money, but Tesla got a boost because founder Elon Musk is buying $100 million of the new shares and convertible bonds.

That's one way to put your money where your electric plug is.

Keep the smart moves coming
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