Pets in Listing Photos: Cute But Maybe Not Good for a Sale

Property Listing Tips: Should You Put Your Dog in the Listing Photograph?
Property Listing Tips: Should You Put Your Dog in the Listing Photograph?

Humans are known to discard all pretenses of rational thinking when it comes to pets, but could photos of playful pups in real estate listings really drive purchases?

New York realtor Phyllis Galloway thinks so, and in her 30 years at Sotheby's International Realty she's made a name for herself marketing homes to pet owners. "Pets warm up a listing and give a home character," she told The Wall Street Journal.

But Galloway also recognizes that people who don't like animals or have allergies may be turned off. And although pets draw eyeballs to a listing, it usually ends up becoming all about the sweet-faced quadruped rather than the property on sale.

"Eight out of 10 people -- if you show them a photo with a dog in it, they wouldn't remember the apartment, they would remember the dog," Nicole Oge, senior vice president of marketing at Town Residential, told the Journal.

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