Bombcats cheats and tips

Bombcats is the latest game to be released by the celebrated indie developer Luke Schneider, and we gave the game a solid 4 out of 5 score in our review earlier today. Looking for a few tips to get on top of this puzzling gameplay? We've got you covered.

- Know your kitties, and don't feel you have to begin with the default cat when you have different cats to play around with. Each cat is better at performing a specific job in a level, so don't be afraid to experiment with new approaches.

- As a general rule, you can use the gems and suns that appear on each level as a means for working out the correct solution. If you see them covering a section of the screen, that's the direction you want to aim your early shots at.

- In the timed level challenges, you won't have those gems to guide you on your way. Make sure you know each set of levels inside out before heading into the time limit mode, so you don't waste time by fumbling the latter half of each challenge.

- If you're really stuck in the game, you can always skip the level entirely and move onto a new level. You can only do this once in a given time limit, however, so use these passes sparingly. Sit the game out for a while if you really can't make progress and need your timer to refill.

- Bear in mind that Clawdia can dig her claws into any surface and remain there between shots. Keep her special powers in mind when dealing with what seem like impossibly located kittens, and see if you can place her into a clearer firing position by launching at the target from a nearby wall.

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