3 Great Cities to See on Foot

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Some of the coolest travel destinations around are best explored the old fashioned way: on your own two feet.Santa Fe (pictured) looks pretty sharp thanks to its artsy attractions -- and for travelers who love to walk, the New Mexican hub packs a big punch in a small stroll-friendly city center. Madison, Wisconsin, the provenance of Olympian Eric Heiden, has more than 120 miles of trails and more than 260 urban parks. Gastronomes, meanwhile, can counteract their calorie consumption as they eat and walk their way through Asheville, North Carolina's burgeoning culinary destinations.

Ready to strike out? Slip on your most comfortable walking shoes and check out Sauntering Santa Fe's Art and History, Meandering Through Madison's Favorite Hot Spots and All In A Day's Fork: A Foodie's Guide To Asheville By Foot on AOL's MapQuest Discover.
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