Fired News Anchor A.J. Clemente Back On The Job -- As A Bartender

A.J. Clemente as he appeared on KFYR
A.J. Clemente as he appeared on KFYR

The news anchor who dropped the expletives heard around the Web is back to work. Just not at the kind of position he might have hoped. A.J. Clemente, 24, was fired in late April after saying the words, ""F---ing sh-t," on live television. It was his first day at work at NBC affiliate KFYR in Bismarck, N.D. Now he's reportedly found a job -- as a $2.23-an-hour bartender.

Not quite the television break he was hoping for. And neither is it really a new job. He's returned to the bartending gig that he had before getting the anchor slot; he's tending bar at the Table and Taproom in Dewey Beach, Del., located 45 miles south of Dover. He's working hard for tips, too. The bar is promoting his semi-celebrity status with a sign, "A.J. Clemente/Straight From Letterman/Tonight Behind The Bar."

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