Underemployed, With A Degree? What You Need To Do Now


The underemployed college graduate with a liberal arts degree has almost become a sad cliché in the new economy. But what about a trained environmental scientist, with years of professional experience? Surely, he won't be forced to resort to flipping burgers or working the cash register?

Consider the case of Tyler Ellis, a 2008 graduate of the University of Reno. Ellis has worked as a geophysical technician and a consultant in a trace metals lab where he tested mercury levels in water and dirt. But since moving to New York last September, he's only managed to nail down a single temp job, losing jobs to people with more experience -- and education. "Most recently, there was a job I was in the running for that had to do with mercury research, which I have a lot of experience with so I was a pretty good fit for the job," Ellis said. "But the researcher decided to go with someone with a Ph.D. instead."