Metro: Last Light cheats, trainer and more

Metro Last Light
Caught in the middle of the Great THQ kerfluffle of early 2013, the future of Metro: Last Light, sequel to the underrated and amazing Metro 2033, was uncertain. It was painful seeing ad banners for the game's May release in taxi tops knowing that this gem of a franchise, lost amid the fury of a dissolution, might not ever see the light of day. Fortunately, Deep Silver provided a light at the end of that tunnel for Metro: Last Light's release, but will it truly be the last light for the Metro series? I doubt it.

Some of those who buy this game will undoubtedly think "Sweet! Can't wait to blast through all teh z0mbi3z!" They may think they know that what lies in those creepy underground metro rails, stations and ruins laid waste but the people who played Metro 2033 will agree, they don't know.

It's too bad they also probably don't know about Cheat Happens. Offering cheats, trainers and wallpapers for the hottest new games are their specialties and their work on Metro: Last Light is no exception. With cheats like Unlimited Health, Super Damage, No Reload and No Gas Mask Damage, you literally have no reason to be scared of whatever may be down there.

To put it visually, you'll go from feeling like this:

to feeling like this:

Metro: Last Light is available now for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC through Origin and Steam. Check out the launch trailer below.

Cheat Happens
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