Starting Healthy at Lumeria Sanctuary: Maui Upcountry Road Trip

 Lumeria Sanctuary: Maui Upcountry Road Trip
I'm not what you'd call a yoga person. Contorting my body into odd poses, often at ungodly hours? So not my thing.

But I couldn't resist the allure of Lumeria, a luxury wellness retreat located in Upcountry, on the road between Paia and Makawao. Built in 1909 by a wealthy family, the 6-acre, 24-room historic property was transformed into an Asian-influenced sanctuary by designer Xorin Balbes in early 2012, with Balinese loungers and Buddha statues scattered around the lush grounds. (Since my visit, a saltwater pool and whirlpool have been added.)

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The sound of roosters stirred me from my four-poster bed. Meant as an escape from the noise of daily life, the resort doesn't have TVs or other entertainment in the rooms (although you are welcome to borrow books from the New Age-heavy library). Leaving my room and padding my way through the open-air hallway, I saw some people out on the lawn performing sun salutations and peeked in on a few flexible souls getting into their downward dog. Relaxed from the lomi lomi massage I had on-site the day before and lulled by the property's spa-style wind chimes, I thought briefly about joining them. Nah. Breakfast was calling.

Lumeria's dining room is simple, with countryside chic touches. Pitchers of organic fruit juices and lemon mint water were available, along with fresh fruit, granola and yogurt (many guests come to Lumeria for the resort's specially designed juice cleanses). As I surveyed the choices, a fit couple in yoga gear entered, flushed from their morning session. Hailing from Phoenix, they had found Lumeria through a coupon travel site and planned their Hawaiian vacation to take advantage of the classes and healthy food.

Personally, I'm a little more indulgent, especially when it comes to Hawaiian food. So I ate lightly, saving room for the treats that I knew I'd find around the island later. There are many ways to find your bliss.

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