E*TRADE Financial Corporation Reports Monthly Activity for April 2013

E*TRADE Financial Corporation Reports Monthly Activity for April 2013

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- E*TRADE Financial Corporation (NAS: ETFC) today released its Monthly Activity Report for April 2013.

Daily Average Revenue Trades ("DARTs") for April were 141,255, a one percent increase from March and a three percent decrease from the year-ago period. The Company added 33,090 gross new brokerage accounts in April, ending the month with approximately 2.9 million brokerage accounts - an increase of 6,534 from March. Total accounts ended the month at approximately 4.5 million.

Net new brokerage assets were positive $5 million in the month. During the month, customer security holdings increased by two percent, or $2.3 billion, and brokerage-related cash decreased by $0.3 billion to $34.4 billion, while customers were net sellers of approximately $20 million in securities. Bank-related cash and deposits decreased by $0.3 billion, ending the month at $6.7 billion.

Monthly Activity Data

 Apr-13 Mar-13 Apr-12 % Chg. M/M % Chg. Y/Y
Trading days22.020.020.0N.M.N.M.
DARTs141,255139,809145,7691.0 %(3.1)%
Gross new brokerage accounts33,09029,32636,06012.8 %(8.2)%
Gross new stock plan accounts17,05614,27014,45219.5 %18.0 %
Gross new banking accounts 904  810  1,592 11.6 %(43.2)%
Total gross new accounts51,05044,40652,10415.0 %(2.0)%
Net new brokerage accounts6,53410,9669,305N.M.N.M.
Net new stock plan accounts4,8282,8014,664N.M.N.M.
Net new banking accounts (3,161) (2,317) (3,219)N.M.N.M.
Net new accounts8,20111,45010,750N.M.N.M.
End of period brokerage accounts2,939,7592,933,2252,838,3110.2 %3.6 %
End of period stock plan accounts1,172,5951,167,7671,086,0670.4 %8.0 %
End of period banking accounts 418,831  421,992  452,854 (0.7)%(7.5)%
End of period total accounts4,531,1854,522,9844,377,2320.2 %3.5 %

Customer Assets ($B)

Security holdings$151.7$149.4$138.11.5 %9.8 %
Customer payables (cash) %(3.8)%
Customer cash balances held by third parties(1)10.910.73.71.9 %194.6 %
Unexercised stock plan customer options (vested) 27.9  27.6  24.0 1.1 %16.3 %
Customer assets in brokerage and stock plan accounts 195.6  192.8  171.1 

1.5 %

14.3 %
Sweep deposits18.418.920.9(2.6)%(12.0)%
Savings, transaction and other 6.7  7.0  7.7 (4.3)%(13.0)%
Customer assets in banking accounts 25.1  25.9  28.6 (3.1)%(12.2)%
Total customer assets$220.7$218.7$199.70.9 %10.5 %
Net new brokerage assets ($B)(2)$0.0$1.2$0.4N.M.N.M.
Net new banking assets ($B)(2) (0.3) 0.0  (0.2)N.M.N.M.
Net new customer assets ($B)(2)$(0.3)$1.2$0.2N.M.N.M.
Brokerage related cash ($B)$34.4$34.7$29.9(0.9)%15.1 %
Other customer cash and deposits ($B) 6.7  7.0  7.7 (4.3)%(13.0)%
Total customer cash and deposits ($B)$41.1$41.7$37.6(1.4)%9.3 %
Customer net (purchase) / sell activity ($B)$0.0$0.0$(1.6)N.M.N.M.

(1) Customer cash balances held by third parties are held outside E*TRADE Financial and include money market funds and sweep deposit accounts at unaffiliated financial institutions.

(2) Net new customer assets are total inflows to all new and existing customer accounts less total outflows from all closed and existing customer accounts. The net new banking assets and net new brokerage assets metrics treat asset flows between E*TRADE entities in the same manner as unrelated third party accounts.

Historical metrics and financials can be found on E*TRADE Financial's investor relations website at https://about.etrade.com.

About E*TRADE Financial

The E*TRADE Financial family of companies provides financial services including online brokerage and related banking products and services to retail investors. Specific business segments include Trading and Investing and Balance Sheet Management. Securities products and services are offered by E*TRADE Securities LLC (Member FINRA/SIPC). Bank products and services are offered by E*TRADE Bank, a Federal savings bank, Member FDIC, or its subsidiaries. More information is available at www.etrade.com.

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