Bing Translator Adds Klingon, Now Supports 42 Languages


Microsoft continues to build out Bing Translator with a new language: Star Trek's Klingon. Now, users can translate between Klingon and the other 41 languages Bing Translator supports.

In a collaboration deal with Paramount Pictures, Microsoft launched the language on Bing Translator ahead of Paramount's Thursday launch of Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Since the language's debut in the 1979 movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Klingon has become the world's most popular fictional spoken language. There's even a nonprofit, the Klingon Language Institute, that was formed in 1992 to promote the study of "Klingon linguistics and culture." The organization assisted Bing with adding Klingon.

Bing also received help from Okrand and Microsoft engineer Eric Andeen, who is fluent in the language.

While Bing now supports 42 languages, Google's Google Translate still outnumbers Bing with 71 supported languages.

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