Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy walkthrough

Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy
Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy

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I. Introduction:
You are a world famous author stuck in a ten year bout with writer's block. It's a dark a dreary night when suddenly a raven comes to your room and begins gently rapping at your chamber door.Honestly, all the Edgar Allan Poe writing I've experienced I know from seeing Homer Simpson do The Raven during a Tree House of Horror Halloween Special 15 years ago. The lack of Poe knowledge did not take away from the fun of playing this game. I imagine if you've read some Poe in the past it would only increase your enjoyment of this game.

Get a blanket, some milk and cookies and keep the lights on if you are easily spooked. It's time to set out into a ghost story and save Poe's soul from eternal damnation.

Gameplay Basics:
The world's worst grounds keeper was hired to maintain the graveyard where Edgar Allan Poe is buried. Do your best to sort through the mess and find all the hidden items on your list.

Along the way items are automatically added to your tool bag. You'll need these tools to collect items listed in blue. As with most games, it starts out very easy and gets more complex the further along you proceed.

The curser will change from a skeleton's hand at certain points during the game. See below for the forms it will take.


  1. Blue hand with gears: An item from your tool bag is needed here.

  2. Blue hand with tail: Item is in the correct spot. Click and see what happens.

  3. Green hand with eyeball: Click to investigate this area more closely.

  4. Red hand: You are in the correct spot, but are not using the correct item.

Cheats and Tips:
Extra Hints Cheat:
To obtain extra hints; in Chapter 1 – Scene 1, first collect the lantern. After you have the lantern, find the two ravens in the scene.

Click on "Menu." The menu will come up. Click "Menu" again. You'll be asked if you're sure you want to exit. Click "Yes".

At the main menu Click "Play"

You'll be brought back to Chapter 1 – Scene 1. Your Hints will be increased by two and the two ravens are back in the scene. Click on them again for two more hints. Repeat as many times as you wish.


Tips: Even though this is a hidden object game, some items are hidden in plain sight. If you are asked to find a Pen or Mushrooms take a look on the nearest desk or the ground next to a tree. They won't always be there, but it will save you time a few times.

A rose by any other name is still a rose. Different author, but it still works, so just go with it. As the game progresses, items on your list will change to clues. Instead of "Rose" you'll see "Flower with Thorns." You can always click on the list item for a preview in the lantern, but keep it in mind.

A rose is not always a rose. When you are first asked to find an item, it's pretty straight forward. You'll see a red rose on the ground or next to a headstone. As the chapters progress the items will turn into a stone etchings, engravings in wood or even a cloud formation.

What would a hidden object game be without camouflage? Items such as chains and handcuffs will change color. Sometimes they will be silver, other times black and other times rust color.
My last tip is to have fun. Don't get caught up looking for an item in the hardest spot it could be hidden. If you can't find it in a hard hiding spot, it's probably oversized and right in front of you in the dead center of the screen. Remember you have hints if you need them.

  1. Chapter 1 – Scene 1 – Poe's Tomb - Number of Ravens: 2

Here we go! We start off at Poe's Tomb. Find the two ravens (circled below) and begin looking for the rest of the items. As you'll see, the items are very random.


When asked to find Dates your tool bag will automatically open. Chose the tool you need. Since you only have a Scrub Brush your choice if pretty simple. Take the scrub brush and place it below the picture of Edgar Allan Poe to reveal the dates.


MURDERED!!! (Crack of Lightning) DUN-DUN-DUUNH! Follow the blue light to the next scene.

Chapter 1 – Scene 2 – At the Gates - Number of Ravens: 2
After you watch the animation, collect the two Ravens.


This is an easy scene. Just walk right through the gates. Not quite. You can't get through the gates yet. You need to crack the code. To do this you'll have to visit several headstones and collect 8 icons.

When you find the Paper and Charcoal Sticks they'll be added to your tool bag. Use them to take an imprint of the items. In this scene you'll find the Flower Icon and Open Book Icon.

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