A Billion Reasons to Love SodaStream

Wall Street can't get enough of SodaStream's fizzy lifting drink. The company behind the namesake beverage system that turns flat tap water into sparkling soda soared today after a well-received Analyst Day.

SodaStream officially dusted off a goal of hitting $1 billion in sales by 2016, and that kind of long-term growth trajectory is giving analysts sugar rushes. Citigroup boosted its price target to $66, and Oppenheimer is replacing its goal from the now obsolete $60 to a more robust $68.

The road to $1 billion doesn't seem outlandish. We'd be eyeing compounded annual growth of 23% along the way, and the carbonated-beverage market itself is already a $260 billion market. Why can't SodaStream capture less than 0.4% of the market given its growing global reach?

There's more to SodaStream these days than just the portable appliance market. There are now hundreds of restaurants and food-service establishments through Europe testing a commercial dispenser. SodaStream has already announced a partnership with Samsung to put out refrigerators that serve carbonated water.

We also have to consider the doors that SodaStream partners are opening. Getting big beverage brands to release SodaStream syrup has its benefits. Kraft was an early partner when it teamed up with SodaStream to put out Crystal Light and Country Time flavors of SodaStream syrup. Last year it also rolled out Kool-Aid flavors.

Kraft's Kool-Aid for SodaStream was available through just 3,000 outlets last year. This year it will be 14,000, as grocery stores and even cable shopping networks promote the product. That's huge, because it increases brand awareness.

SodaStream stock still has a bit to go before it takes out its all-time highs established two summers ago, but as the SodaStream platform becomes harder for shoppers to ignore, the same thing will hold true for investors.

Pop life
SodaStream's carbonation technology sounds simple, but this razor-and-blade company offers an intriguing opportunity for growth that could very well disrupt the soda industry. The Motley Fool's premium report on SodaStream explains the opportunities as well as the risks in the company. The report comes with a year's worth of updates, so just click here to get started.

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