3 Companies Every Mother Loves


Since we're celebrating all the wonderful mothers out there today, I figured it was appropriate to look at a few stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average that every mom would love to own. The stock should be one that not only will produce a strong return on investment but also represents a business that mom uses regularly in her busy life. So without further ado, let's get to it.

My first choice is Walt Disney . As I've heard mothers say from time to time, one of the greatest things in the world is seeing their kids' faces light up with joy and happiness. And I'm not sure there's any company out there that makes that happen better than Disney, whether it's from watching the newest Pixar flick, or being lucky enough to travel to one of the many Disney parks around the world. Disney is truly a company that makes dreams come true. And not only does it entertain the kids, but its ESPN property can keep Dad occupied when Mom needs some time alone. Furthermore, when it comes to making money, Disney makes a boatload, which has helped push the stock to an all-time high. Year to date, the shares are up 34%.

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After a hard day at work or driving all over town, dropping the kids off and picking them back up, the last thing Mom wants to do is go to a bunch of different stores to buy groceries for dinner, pick up prescriptions, get a new baseball glove, or hunt down Disney's latest DVD release -- and that's exactly why Wal-Mart made this list. The big-box retailer changed the way Mom shops and the number of times she has to get the kids in and out of their car seats. The low-price superstore has also allowed most families to stretch their dollars a little further, so that Mom can buy everything her kids need.

Although the company has recently received some bad publicity over bribery allegations, as a one-stop shop and the lowest-cost provider, very few if any companies do it better than Wal-Mart.

While most moms would agree it may not be the healthiest option for dinner, it's surely the easiest, and that's why McDonald's made this list. Whether it's the Happy Meal or the Big Mac, every family member can surely find something to like at the fast-food chain. And Mom doesn't need to waste much time finding one: With more than 12,800 locations just in the United States, and with many of those conveniently located in strip malls, or close to exit ramps on freeways, getting to a McDonald's is quick and easy no matter what the circumstance.

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And now that we've looked at a few stocks moms love, let's Iook at one that a lot of moms probably wish didn't exist: Home Depot . Even though very few American men can do more than the simple fix around the house, most of us are convinced that we're really handy, and Home Depot keeps telling us that we can fix everything ourselves -- all while Mom would rather just hire a professional contractor to come in and remodel the kitchen and bathroom. Sorry, Moms.

Agree with my picks? Disagree? Is there a different stock you think your mom would want to own? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. None

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