Play the Bubble, Says Bill Gross, but Play Smart

Frankfurt bull and bear statues
Frankfurt bull and bear statues

PIMCO investment chief Bill Gross continues to flog the absence of good investments. In his monthly letter for May, he made this point:

The easiest answer to the question of what to buy is to simply take your ball and go home. If the rules aren't fair, don't play. That endgame however, results in a Treasury bill rate of 10 basis points or a negative yield in Germany, France and Northern EU markets. So a bond and equity investor can choose to play with historically high risk to principal or quit the game and earn nothing. PIMCO's advice is to continue to participate in an obviously central-bank-generated bubble but to gradually reduce risk positions in 2013 and perhaps beyond. While this Outlook has indeed claimed that Treasuries are money good but not "good money," they are better than the alternative (cash) as long as central banks and dollar reserve countries (China, Japan) continue to participate.

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