Google Fiber Picks Another City

The area to be covered by Google Fiber is continuing to spread. In a unanimous vote by its board of alderman, the city of Grandview, Mo., has elected to accept the service. The municipality is located south of another Fiber spot, Kansas City, Mo. Grandview is close to Kansas City, Kan., the first locale to be selected for the company's high-speed broadband offering.

According to Google, the Fiber service offers a connection speed up to 100 times faster than current standard broadband.

Grandviewers will not be surfing and downloading at lightning speeds for some time, however. Google said it needs to plot and engineer its network in the city before the service is offered.

In addition to Kansas City and several of its surrounding municipalities like Grandview, Google Fiber will be made available in Provo, Utah, and Austin, Texas. The company hopes to start providing service to its first Provo customers later this year, and to web cruisers in Austin by mid-2014.

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