Candy Crush Saga cheats and tips: Level Guide

Candy Crush
You will, at some point or another, hit a wall in Candy Crush Saga. You will blast through those five precious lives each day, convinced that you will never make progress beyond the current level. You might even seriously consider spending $16.99 on a Charm of Life, then remind yourself how ridiculous that sounds.
It's true that it often feels as though there's a certain amount of luck involved with your starting grid, and that a poor start often guarantees failure, but there are some tried and tested methods for dealing with specific level types in the game - and those methods can seriously assist your fortune, good or bad. Here's our breakdown for dealing with each one.
Target Score Plus Time Limit

We've yet to run into a serious problem with these levels, but then we've played an awful lot of match-three games in our time. The key thing here is to focus on making matches - any matches - rapidly, while keeping an eye out the whole time for any special candies you can make. Once you have a special candy on the board, get it in any match you can straight away, and just keep the matches flowing from there. It goes without saying that the rarer candies that add a few precious seconds to the clock should also be a priority.
Bring Down Ingredients

We've encountered more pain with these levels than just about any other level type in Candy Crush Saga, but there are things you can do to give yourself an edge. If you can actually see an ingredient on the game board, make as many vertical matches as possible to bring it dropping down and get it off the screen. Also, you should always be looking to make any special candies that you can on the board via special match-ups - set these off at the same time, and if you're very lucky the chain reaction will sometimes finish the board off for you.
Limited Moves

We're not just talking the usual limited moves here, we're talking about the times you're given barely a dozen moves in order to rid the screen of jelly. Never will you need luck like you do in these levels, but you can make things easier for yourself. If there's a special candy you can create, prioritize that match-up. If you can't make any special candies, concentrate on making basic match-ups at the bottom of the screen, and always look at the knock-on effects of each one. Does your next match-up create another matching opportunity? If there's more than one match possibility, can you pick one that will bring a special candy opportunity into play? Every move has to count.
Clear All Jelly

Don't worry about the score target that often accompanies these levels - if you somehow manage to clear every jelly, you're practically guaranteed to do so in a way that beats the scoring requirement. If you have jellies at the top and bottom of the screen, prioritize clearing the ones at the bottom first and foremost. Create a few decent chain reactions at the bottom, and you increase the odds that new candy will drop into the top position, and hopefully pop a few jellies with auto-matches at the same time.

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