5 Stocks to Watch This Week

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With the studio behind this weekend's biggest opening reporting quarterly results and an update from the company behind the world's best-selling video game franchise, there will be plenty of news breaking in the coming days. Let's go over some of the items that will help shape the week ahead on Wall Street.

1. Organic Growth: Whole Foods Market (WFM) is the undisputed champ among grocers specializing in whole and organic foods.

No, a trip to Whole Foods Market isn't exactly cheap, but customers haven't been flinching at the register. The high-end supermarket chain has been posting positive comps for a couple of years now.

Whole Foods Market reports quarterly results on Tuesday, and the market's ready for more growth. Analysts see the retailer earning $0.73 a share, well ahead of the $0.64 a share it rang up a year earlier. The retailer hasn't made any substantial acquisitions lately, so I guess you can call this organic growth in more ways than one.

2. Activision Blizzard Fires Again: The country's largest video game developer has been putting out new "Call of Duty" games every November for years, so it wasn't a surprise when Activision Blizzard (ATVI) announced that its next installment will hit gamers on Nov. 5.

However, the leading publisher isn't going to settle for another "Modern Warfare" or "Black Ops" entry this year. "Call of Duty: Ghosts" will be the name of the new combat simulator. Diehard gamers hungry for a glimpse will get a preview on May 21 when the new Xbox is unveiled.

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Investors hungry for more gaming news will get Activision Blizzard's quarterly report on Wednesday. Analysts see improving profitability and revenue for the quarter, but those same analysts see revenue and earnings declining for all of 2013. Call this quarter a battle that Activision Blizzard is winning -- but it's going to have to do better to win the war.

3. Stark Was the Spark: Everyone knew that "Iron Man 3" would kick off the summer box office season with a punch, and it did.

Disney's (DIS) superhero flick sold an estimated $175.3 million in admissions during the movie's U.S. opening weekend. Only one other movie has had a bigger opening -- "The Avengers," which coincidentally starred Iron Man last summer.

This is naturally good news for Disney, and investors will get a quick read on the family entertainment giant's reaction to the success of "Iron Man 3" when it reports quarterly results on Tuesday. Analysts see healthy growth at Disney.

4. Pop Star: SodaStream (SODA) has been turning fans of carbonated beverages into mixologists.
SodaStream's namesake beverage system that turns ordinary tap water into sparkling soda water has been a big hit all over the world, but the stakes are naturally greater here where soda consumption per capita tops any other country.

Things have been going well for SodaStream, and the Israeli company even invested in a Super Bowl ad this year. We'll see if the marketing push panned out when SodaStream discusses its first quarter on Wednesday. Analysts see revenue growing 29 percent for the period, making SodaStream a true master of pop.

5. Tesla Gets Charged Up:Electric cars haven't taken off the way that many environmentalists have hoped they would, but there's no denying that Tesla Motors (TSLA) is the star of the plug-in niche. Despite competing against most of the major auto manufacturers, Tesla's Model S sedan is the high-end car that's captured the attention of the market.

Tesla is widely expected to post its first quarterly profit when it reports on Wednesday. Investors will want to know if the black ink is sustainable, or if Tesla's fundamentals will run out of juice again.

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