National Guardsman Store Clerk Scares Off Burglars With Assault Weapon

Shawn SchankWhile the news is filled with reports of disgruntled workers who showed up at their offices with guns, it's far more common for robbers to be the cause of workplace violence. In fact, cashiers frequently show up on the list of the most dangerous professions for that reason.

But on Sunday in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, two masked men who appeared in Shawn Schank's convenience store in Shingleton, Mich., reportedly got quite a surprise. Schank, a National Guardsman who spent a year in Afghanistan, emerged from a back room of the store carrying a loaded AR-15 assault weapon and pointed it directly at the would-be robbers, causing them to flee, according to local TV station WLUC.

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Schank told the Marquette, Mich., station that he wasn't afraid, just "irritated and ticked off" that the men would try to steal from the cash register. The men, seeing the gun, tried to hide behind the counter, Schank said, but he kicked them and pointed the rifle at them. He said that one of the men then pulled off his mask and pleaded, "Don't shoot," then they fled. Schank called 911.

On Tuesday, the suspects, Ruben Sifuentes, 18, and a 17-year-old male were charged with breaking and entering. And Schank told WLUC that he was confident that he'd handled the situation well. "I don't care if people try to rob. I will respond the same way," he said.

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