Fitness Bustle: Energy Boost - Review

Fitness Bustle Energy Boost

After Playfirst has resigned from developing 'Dash' games for Windows users and Alawar's 'Craze' series rarely hits the market. Sulus Games decided to take a step forward and develop 'Bustle' into a series. With the well-known Burger Bustle series did a wonderful job, Fitness Bustle feels a little like a let down.

First off, Fitness Bustle: Energy Boost has a rather silly but entertaining storyline. You will get to take on a role of a trainer who opens and runs a fitness in the town where people ignore exercises and take magic energy pills. The story is not really strong and not necessary relates to the game but it holds our attention every time the story develops.

The graphics in Fitness Bustle are of similar 3D, colorful style like the ones in Burger Bustle. Characters are not ugly like in some other Time Management games and the vivid colors used in the scenes are very attractive.

For the gameplay, Fitness Bustle plays like any other clickfest Time Management games. Customers enter your shop with speech bubble over their heads telling you what they would like to do and which machines they would like to use then you drag them to the stations. You can also click at the station to speed up the progress and one right click will send your customers to shower which we found it a really helpful shortcut.

Once you have enough money earned from tips gave to you by the customers, you can hire new staff to help you run the shop. Similar to Burger Bustle, there are tasks to do in order to complete the level for example, earn an amount of money or hire a number of staff.

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