Over 50 And Jobless? Training Programs Offer New Hope


By Christina Scotti

Two men named Bob. Both are over 50 years old. Both had been working consistently for nearly three decades before losing their jobs in 2009. Both were out of work for more than 99 weeks.

Now there is one glaring difference. Bob Greeney is employed. Bob Sullivan is still fighting to get back into the workforce. Friendly and candid, the 61-year-old Sullivan worked in the travel hospitality industry until his former company closed its Boston branch. After taking a brief pause to care for his mother, he said, he went through job agencies, attended job fairs and applied to scores of jobs online.

"Still, no bites," said Sullivan, whose ongoing search, day in and day out, continues. "It's just a malaise you fall into. It's like having a slow disease, especially if you get rejected or don't hear back."