Health Care Has Its Head in the Clouds

Make no mistake about it: Healthcare has its head in the clouds. Technically, its head is in the cloud -- the world where data flies across the Internet to parts unknown.

In this video, The Motley Fool's Erin Miller and Fool contributor Keith Speights discuss the implications of this trend, including serious issues that have been raised. Erin and Keith also talk about possible winners from health care moving to the cloud.

Amazon looks to be one of those beneficiaries. Amazon Web Services could be worth $19 billion if it were a stand-alone business. Another technology winner from health care's move to the cloud is EMC . With cloud service providers buying its data storage devices, plus its 80% stake in VMWare , EMC looks to profit in two different ways.

Cloud-based physician software company athenahealth stands as another that is well-positioned to take advantage of this shift. Athenahealth's recent purchase of Epocrates could open up more opportunities, also.

Watch as Erin and Keith talk about how each of these three companies should profit from health care having its head in the cloud.

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