Great American Road Trips

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Planning a road trip? Of course you are. It's almost summer, and few American pastimes –- baseball, eating hot dogs, heckling baseball umpires between bites of your hot dog –- are as enticing as piling in a car with family or friends and heading toward the beach. Or heading for that national park you've always meant to visit. Or just pointing your car toward the horizon and seeing where the bends in the road take you.

Road trips appeal to us because they have a timelessness and tradition that tap into the rugged American spirit. But they're also appealing because they allow us to travel close to the ground and see take the pulse of the country's landscape and people.

Follow along as we highlight road trips that offer travelers a taste of both of these worlds. We'll start off in Louisville, and we'll venture across the country, from Virginia to Nebraska to Hawaii and beyond.

But rest assured, we'll leave room for another beloved part of any great American road trip: surprises. Our spring and summer road trip coverage starts here:

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Exploring Maui's Upcountry
Driving the Prairie
15 Reasons the Best Place in America to Start a Road Trip is Louisville, Kentucky

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