Curiousity's big secret could be discovered on day of next Xbox reveal

CuriosityThe big secret within Peter Molyneux's Curiosity app -- a giant cube in which people worldwide simultaneously chip away to discover a life-changing secret -- could be discovered on May 21st. That just so happens to also be the date Microsoft will unveil its next generation Xbox.

While this appears to be some genius plan, Molyneux insists it's "just pure luck." Speaking to Eurogamer, the legendary game designer and programmer explained that May 21 is the estimated date based on internatal projections performed by 22cans -- not some carefully crafted plan with Microsoft.

"Tim [Rance, CTO] has done an analysis of probability and that's where the probability comes out," Molyneux told Eurogamer. There are approximately 50 layers left in the way of the app's users and the life-changing secret. "I suppose the conjecture of there being something to do with the Xbox in the middle would be on everyone's minds.

"If I give any clues then the amazing fact that it hasn't leaked out - because I'm just such a blabber mouth - it would be such a shame if that was the case," he concluded.

Curiosity released as a free app back in November 2012. Fans have chiseled away fro nearly half a year, though last month Molyneux threw in an interesting twist with an update that allows users to pay to add cubs back on to the cube, prolonging the experience. The cube originally contained 69 billion pieces. At the 50 layers remaining there are about 3.6 billion cubelets remaining.

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