Yahoo! Embeds Ads in Article Newsfeed


Yahoo! has launched Yahoo! Stream Ads to make advertising more effective for companies.

Since launching the Yahoo! news stream in February, CEO Marissa Mayer says that visitors now stay on Yahoo! longer and engage more with the site. In an effort to keep engagement growing, Mayer has recognized the importance of keeping all aspects of Yahoo! unified. Just as the new site was designed to be "intuitive, personalized, and immersive," Mayer wanted to do the same with Yahoo! Stream Ads.

Now, visitors will notice that Yahoo! Stream Ads are embedded into the article newsfeed. Yahoo! hopes the more visitors engage with Yahoo!, the more seamless and important advertising will become to content discovery.

In addition to its announcement, Yahoo! has launched a new Billboard design to deliver "richer content interactions" to its visitors. For example, Mayer says in a blog post, a movie trailer than runs on the Billboard may link to more information about the film and cast. Moreover, the Billboard can let visitors buy tickets directly from the ad.

The company hopes making advertising more integrated into Yahoo! will make advertising more useful for consumers and effective for advertisers.

Moving forward, Mayer reaffirms that Yahoo! will continue to make advertising more complementary to its future products and content features.


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