Zynga partners with Disruptor Beam to bring Game of Thrones Ascent to Zynga.com

The latest partnership in the Zynga Partners program sees the massive developer / publisher teaming with Disruptor Beam to bring Game of Thrones Ascent to Zynga.com in the near future. This partnership will expose Game of Thrones Ascent to Zynga's 250 million monthly active users, as players dive into the virtual world of Westeros, based on the works of George R.R. Martin (and more recently HBO).

Since Game of Thrones Ascent launched on Facebook in February of this year, the game has been played by over 500,000 players, but that number is sure to grow once it takes center stage on Zynga's gameplay portal.

"Partnerships are integral to the success of any game company and any game," says Jon Radaoff, CEO of Disruptor Beam, "so we are thrilled to now be working with the amazing team at Zynga to move into the next phase for Game of Thrones Ascent!"

Game of Thrones Ascent was recently updated with the first of its many Season 3 features, allowing players to follow along with the events of the HBO television series as soon as they happen, but virtually on Facebook. For more information about the game, make sure to check out the game's Facebook page. and watch for it to launch soon on Zynga.com.

Play Game of Thrones Ascent on Facebook >

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