CoasterVille Circus Performers: Everything you need to know


In an effort to bring more color and animation to your CoasterVille theme park, Zynga has released a new series of Circus Performers to the game, along with a Circus Performer Tent. This feature is on a slow rollout, so don't panic if you don't yet see this being available in your own game. We're here

with a guide to this new feature to help you out either way, so let's get started!

The Circus Performer Tent can be purchased in the store for 500 coins. It's found under the "Operations" tab with items like the Goods Factory or Central Kitchens, as examples. Once you place it, it can be built with two energy and then completed by using 500 coins, 100 Goods, 500 Thrill Points, four Circus Waffles and six Face Paint Kits. The Circus Waffles are earned by posting a general request to your news feed, while the Face Paint Kits are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors.

When you've built this Circus Performer Tent, you'll be able to place a Circus Performer in your park just as you place Mascots. You'll start with "Jugglin' Jesse," who can be renamed if you'd like. You'll need to use him in a performance 20 times in order to unlock the next performer: Able Atlas, the strongman.

Jugglin' Jesse adds 100 Popularity to your park, and requires one two Hospitality and one Circus Waffle to perform. Like Mascots, the Circus Performers give you bonuses after every performance, and generally make your park a happier place. You'll also need to wait a few hours between each performance before you can use your Performers again.

There are only three Circus Performers available so far, but it's likely that more will be released in the future. For now, head into your theme park and build your own Circus Performer Tent to add these new colorful characters to your park!

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