Robot Unicorn Attack 2 cheats and tips

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 cheats tipsWhen playing Robot Unicorn Attack 2 for hours on end (yes, it's that good), you'll have several choices to make. For example, Team Inferno or Team Rainbow? The Gallow's Gallop boost, or Rainbow Savior? Perhaps most importantly, Erasure's Always or Limahl's Never Ending Story? We can't pretend to have all the answers, but this cheats and tips guide will help you get the most from those wishes.

-Robot Unicorn Attack 2 doesn't feature online play. Instead, you choose between Team Inferno or Team Rainbow. Each day features a reward, and playing the game normally contributes to your side's total points. When time expires, the group with the most wins the current prize.

-It's always a good idea to jump and then quickly see what lies ahead before tapping the screen to jump again. You'll stay alive much longer.

-The more you play Robot Unicorn Attack 2, the more goals you'll achieve. Doing this levels up the unicorn, granting access to new boosts and upgrades.

-Before a round of wishes begins, the game will ask if you want to equip up to three boosts, of which, there are 12. These includes a Collection Vacuum that pulls fairies towards you, a Past Wish Trail that shows the trail of your previous wish and Another Jump, which gives the unicorn a third jump. Keep in mind these cost virtual currency to equip.

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