Mars: War Logs cheats, trainer and more

Mars: War Logs
Where did this game come from? Mars, obviously. Months usually go by in anticipation of a new title, but now, we've been spoiled. Mars: War Logs for the similarly unfamiliar looks like a merger of all the good sides of Red Faction (sweet action and Mars landscape), Fallout 3 (dialogue branching and RPG elements) and remnants of a classic BioWare title.

The entry fee to rove around in Mars: War Logs is a measly $20. Heck, here's a link to get it on Steam. But before you do, check out Cheat Happens for the trainer to accompany your extraterrestrial adventure. With cheats like Infinite Health, One Hit Kills and Increase/Decrease Game Speed, you'll be certain that your first step onto martian dust won't be your last.

Equip the trainer over at Cheat Happens >

Check out the incredible trailer for Mars: War Logs, available now for PC via Steam.

Cheat Happens
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