FarmVille 2 Southern Living Workshop Recipes: Everything you need to know

The new Southern Living item theme in FarmVille 2 has expanded out into the game's Crafting Workshop this week, as players can now create three items using the plants that are available to purchase in the store. We're here with a complete guide to these three new crafting recipes, which will be available for crafting for the next three weeks.

The first recipe is the Magnolia Bouquet, which is made using two Wool Bolts and eight Magnolia. The Wool Bolts are created using Wool from Sheep, while the Magnolias are earned by tending Magnolia Trees. These are available to purchase in the store for 12 Farm Bucks each, and a single tree can be harvested once every 18 hours. If you don't want to spend the Farm Bucks to purchase this tree yourself, you can also tend your friends' trees for a chance to earn some that way. Creating a single Bouquet gives you 25 XP, and you'll be able to sell it in the market for 3,990 coins.

The second recipe is for the Magnolia Wreath. This recipe requires eight more Magnolias, along with two Wool Thread Spindles to create. A single Wool Thread Spindle is made using Wool from both Rabbits and Sheep. Creating these Wreaths gives you 22 XP each, and you can sell a single Wreath for 3,460 coins.

The final recipe in this trio is the Indigo Bouquet. This recipe is made using one Wool Bolt and 12 Indigo per batch. The Indigo can be planted for 34 coins per square and harvested after four hours. You'll receive 17 XP for each one of these Indigo Bouquets you create, and you can sell each one for 2,500 coins in the store.

Again, these recipes will only be available for around the next 27 days, while the Magnolia Trees and Indigo crop are only available in the store for the next 20 days. Make sure to stock up on these items to earn as many coins as you can from these recipes!

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