FarmVille 2 Southern Living Kitchen Recipes: Everything you need to know


The Southern Living item theme in FarmVille 2 has one more set of goodies for us, as three new recipes have launched inside the game's Crafting Kitchen. While some of these recipes don't really deal with the items that have been released in the store, they do contain Southern-themed recipes. We're here with a complete guide to crafting these three items on your farm, so let's get started!

The first recipe is the Heart of Palm Dip. This recipe requires 14 Milk and 12 Hearts of Palm to create. The Hearts of Palm are earned by tending the Sabal Palmetto Tree, which is available to purchase in the store for 12 Farm Bucks. This tree can be harvested once every eight hours. If you don't want to purchase one of these trees yourself, but your friends do, you can try tending their trees for a slight chance at earning some of these items as well. You'll receive 20 XP for each one of these items that you create, and you can sell each one for 3,800 coins.

The second recipe is for Buttery Biscuits. This recipe requires two Butter and one Batter to create. The Batter is made with Wheat, Flour, and Eggs, while the Butter is made using just two Milk. You'll receive 18 XP for each one of these batches of Biscuits your create, and you can sell each batch for 2,520 coins in the market.

The final recipe in this theme is the Hushpuppy. This dish requires 12 Corn and two Batter to create. This recipe gives you 20 XP per craft, and you can sell each Hushpuppy for 2,810 coins.

These three recipes will be available for crafting for the next three weeks, while the items in the store will be available to purchase for the next 20 days. If this Southern Living item theme expands further in the future, we'll make sure to let you know.

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