FarmVille 2: Grow Prized Crops for the County Fair, coming soon

A new and potentially game changing update is set to launch in FarmVille 2 this week, as the County Fair will soon begin rolling out to farmers that have reached at least Level 20 in Zynga's second farming Facebook game.

With the launch of the County Fair, Prized Crops will become more important than they've ever been before. As players harvest Prized Crops on their farm (those crops that appear after you've harvested fertilized "normal" crops), they'll earn points that help to fill the County Fair's medal bar. The more Prized Crops players harvest, the more points they'll earn, and the more medals and prizes they can potentially win.

This County Fair will take place weekly, and at the end of the week, those players (in your own circle of friends) that earned the most points will receive "special bonuses and rewards."

Some of these rewards include the ability to earn more Visit Actions when visiting friends' farms, and the ability to "stock up" on more visitors that can come to your farm and tend items at once! This feature looks to be one that will roll out really slowly, so don't panic if you don't see it in your game just yet. We'll make sure to bring you the feature's complete details once we know more, so stay tuned!

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