Cut Call Times by Using Social Media to Make Complaints

Savings Experiment: Using Social Media to Make Customer Complaints
Savings Experiment: Using Social Media to Make Customer Complaints

If you want to voice a complaint to a company, social networks are the best way to do it. But, before you pick up the phone, think about using your computer instead.

When you call a company, you could end up wasting hours on the phone. These days, it's faster and more efficient to file a complaint via Twitter or Facebook. Not only will it save you hold time, but you're likely to get better results since your comment is being made in a public space for all to see.

When writing your post, follow a few simple guidelines to get the best response. Be polite and specific, and tell the company where it went wrong. Then, be clear about what you want to happen. Experts also say that using the phrase "What would you do if you were in my situation?" will help you get results.

Of course, if you do not hear back in a timely fashion, you should pick up the phone. Sites like will help you find the best customer support numbers, and set you up with a direct route to many of today's top companies. This will hopefully shave a little time off your call.

Remember, be clear and polite. Ultimately, companies want to make their customers happy, but you'll catch more bees with honey.