ChefVille 'Shake Things Up' Catering Order: Everything you need to know

If you've already completed the Tent Temptations Catering Order in ChefVille, you can now work on the second Catering Order in this Cinco de Mayo series, as and Order called "Shake Things Up" has now unlocked in our restaurants. There are five tasks to complete in this new order, and we're here with a guide to help you finish them off, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Shake Things Up

  • Have 6 Plastic Bibs

  • Serve Grilled Salmon or House Salad

  • Serve Steak Florentine or Pot Stickers

  • Serve Broccoli and Dip or Creamy Broccoli Soup

  • Serve Garlic Cheese Bread or Angel Hair Pasta with Pesto

The Plastic Bibs are earned by asking your friends to help you out, while the other tasks allow you to cook as many of each dish as you'd like until you eventually hit the required number. For instance, the Grilled Salmon can be cooked using four Salmon and five Lemons on the Grill, while the House Salad is made inside the Salad Station using seven Romaine Lettuce, two Croutons and four Mixed Greens.

Both of these dishes take 12 hours to cook, but since they're cooked in different cooking stations, you can cook both at the same time and finish that task much easier than if you just focused on one dish over the other. Remember, you can also bring friends in on this order with you to help you out, so make sure you keep track of which friends are cooking which dishes. That way, no one wastes ingredients or time.

There are multiple reward packages available for completing this Catering Order, depending on how fast you complete it, and how many times you've previously completed it. Here's the full breakdown.

Gold Reward (First Time): 1 Painted Guitar, 2 Instant Thyme, 3 Instant Restock
Gold Reward (Second and Third Time): 1 Painted Guitar, 4 One-Hour Thyme, 2 One-Hour Restock
Gold Reward (All Other Times): 1 Painted Guitar, 4 One-Hour Restock

Silver Reward (First Time): 3 Instant Thyme, 4 One-Hour Restock, 500 coins, 50 XP
Silver Reward (All Other Times): 1 One-Hour Restock, 500 coins, 50 XP

Bronze Reward (First Time): 1 Instant Thyme, 1 Ingredient Bundle (Contains: 2 Onions, 2 Salami, 2 Long Grain Rice, 2 Parmesan Cheese, 1 Olive Oil), 50 coins, 10 XP
Bronze Reward (All Other Times): 1 Ingredient Bundle, 50 coins, 10 XP

Additional Orders will unlock in this series in the future, but remember, you must complete these in the order that they're unlocked and can't skip around. Good luck completing this Shake Things Up Catering Order in your restaurant!

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