Robot Unicorn Attack 2 dashes onto iOS for free


"Robot Unicorn Attack." Those three words caused happiness and laughter for weeks on end as players controlled a robot unicorn in Adult Swim's first "endless runner." Now, the sequel - Robot Unicorn Attack 2 - has launched on iPhone and iPad, and it looks like everything we hoped it would be.

At first glance, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 looks like the same game as its predecessor, but with fancier graphics. The game still features "endless runner" gameplay, as you make your way from left to right across your iOS device of choice, jumping over gaps, collecting tons of goodies, and dashing through obstacles that would otherwise kill the unicorn. In practice, the game actually includes additional features like jumping through rings, and avoiding monsters that appear in your path. These monsters can destroy your poor robot unicorn, putting your timing and reflexes to the test in order to survive.

In addition, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 also features social mechanics, allowing you to choose to support either Team Rainbow or Team Inferno and play a game on a unique level each day. Eventually, you'll be able to design your own unicorn, using different bodies, wings, horns, and much more. All of this in a free package. What more could we ask for?

If you've yet to download Robot Unicorn Attack 2, you can now get the game for free on iOS via the link below. Seriously, go get it.

Download Robot Unicorn Attack 2 for free on iOS >

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