Deep Sea Deli is a delightful underwater puzzle game on iOS


Last week, we brought you an exclusive first look at PlayFirst's newest iOS game, Deep Sea Deli. The game features a brand new character in the PlayFirst lineup, Narly the Narwhal, who finds himself down on his luck after his career as a tusker goes down the proverbial tubes. In order to regain fame (and maybe even fortune), Narly decides to open up a sandwich shack underwater using ingredients that are floating down from a shipwreck at the water's surface.

Deep Sea Deli is as whimsical as the storyline suggests. In each game, you're challenged with creating as many sandwiches as possible using the ingredients that are "randomly" scattered around the screen. Combining ingredients like bacon, lettuce, and cheese is as simple as tapping and dragging your finger over the required items, based on the thought bubbles of your customers at the bottom of the screen.

Ingredients won't refill any empty spaces; instead, your goal is to complete clear each board for bonus points before you move on. Of course, if you allow gaps to form in between columns of ingredients, you'll have a much more difficult time of things, and can even fail to serve customers if you can't create a line (either straight or diagonally) with the appropriate ingredients. A fish rests at the bottom of the screen that will clear these leftover scraps from the board and allow you to continue on, but even he can only eat so much before getting full. When that happens, it's game over and you'll need to start again.

Deep Sea Deli allows you to compare your high scores against those of your friends via Facebook Connect, and power-ups can be activated using the coins you earn along the way. Coins can be earned in bulk by completing missions, like creating certain kinds of sandwiches, clearing a certain number of boards, or earning a specific number of points, as examples. The power-ups themselves may give you the chance to throw away more scrap ingredients before losing the game, or they can allow you to clear an entire board on command, as examples.


Throughout it all, there's only a slight focus on speed in Deep Sea Deli, as combo points are earned for fast sandwich-making. Otherwise, you're left to examine the layout of ingredients until you're truly comfortable to make a move with the confidence that you aren't ruining your chance to clear the board in the process. In this way, Deep Sea Deli is more of a puzzle game than anything else, and it's an enjoyable experience once you figure that out.

Deep Sea Deli is now available to download for free on iOS. Check out the game's screenshots above for more, or simply download the game now and start making your own underwater sandwiches!

Download Deep Sea Deli on iOS >

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