Hidden Magic walkthrough, cheats and tips

Hidden Magic
Hidden Magic

Welcome to our walkthrough and strategy guide for Hidden Magic.

We have been told that 2 mages moved to the edge of the forest and were living happily in a small house until one night while one of the mages is away the other one is kidnapped by dark and sinister forces.

According to the dictionary a mage is one who practices magic and is a magician or sorcerer and was once called magi.

Hidden Magic is a role playing hidden object game. You can choose to play either the male or female mage in your search through the forest to find your beloved at the dark castle.

You will follow a map though the forest where you will find magical places as well as sinister forces you must battle along the way.


  • Whichever mage you choose to be, the other one is the one who has been kidnapped. I chose to play Anna so she will appear in many of the screen shots.

  • The Options you can chose are shown above. You cannot play Window Mode unless your resolution is higher than 1024 x 768.

  • Your Game Mode will be reflected in your Current Difficulty Level on the Options Menu.

  • You can change your Game Mode at anytime by selecting Menu and Options on the screen but you will have to wait until you have completed the game for Advanced Mode to be unlocked.

  • In Advanced Mode the monsters are stronger and faster and you will have a chance to choose the spells you need before battle.

  • After you have completed the game once, you will also unlock Battle Challenges and Puzzle Games and can choose to play either from the Main Menu.


  • Hints are unlimited and they refill faster in Relax Mode. They are the little question mark to the right of your character.

  • The game does not have a timer except when you are doing battle.

  • If you exit to the Main Menu before you have finished a level, you will have to start it over again. This is sometimes good news so keep it in mind in case of need.

  • The Magical Places are hidden object scenes in which you will need to find pieces of various objects. If you run your cursor over a piece, you will see the shape you are looking for.

  • Some of the objects will need to be completed first in order to be used in the scene to get pieces for another object. For instance, you will need to complete a bone to give to a Wolf so that he will leave the scene.

  • About the famous Acorn Incident - the developer released an update for the game to include the missing acorn. You should be informed the game needs an update via your BFG Game Manager if that is where you downloaded the game so make sure you have the latest version of the game.


  • Battle Scenes have a reverse timer which will indicate how many seconds you have to defeat your opponent before you are attacked.

  • If you play in Relax Mode, you cannot be killed in battle.

  • I like to play Window Mode because you can place your cursor on the top window bar to stop the clock and look around for the items you need which will become extremely important as the game progresses.

  • There will be two battle scenes between each of the Magical Places except at the end when you face the Goblin and the Demon.

  • The ingredients needed to create the recipes are random so I can't help you with their location.

  • If you touch an object with your cursor, you will be told what it is.

  • The number of ingredients needed to complete the spells will also vary.

  • The same ingredients will reappear in the various battles so you will have an opportunity to remember what they look like even though they will not be placed in the same location.

  • As the game progresses the spells will require more ingredients and new ingredients are added that you haven't seen before.

  • The ingredients will appear outdoors on a tree or on shelves in a cave.

  • It is ok to mix ingredients for different spells in the cauldron at the same time.

  • If you cannot find a particular ingredient for a spell, don't panic.

  • The game is structured as to which spells you are allowed to use first by not giving you all the ingredients you need until you have completed certain spells.

  • If you get super frustrated because the ingredients you want aren't there, back out of the game to the Main Menu and start the battle over again with a new set of ingredients.

  • Each enemy has a varying Health Point number you will have to defeat.

  • Most of the enemies have a Weak Point such as air magic, water magic, fire magic, black magic or white magic but some of them will not have any weaknesses.

  • The time before you are attacked varies and you will be told which type of attack will do what amount of damage.

  • Some enemies will actually help you once you defeat them by giving you a puzzle box to solve so check out the mini games section.

  • Each time you successfully attack an enemy the timer will be reset.

  • This Battle Result is a sample of the score card you will get when you have defeated an enemy.


You will be presented with several different types of mini games on your journey.

  • The first type will be a jigsaw puzzle showing each of the Magical Places as you approach them.

  • Some enemies you defeat with present you with a puzzle box.

  • The box may contain a Match 3 game like this sample.

  • In this case in order to open the box you must move the magic crystals to the bottom row.

  • Occasionally you will get help by an icon below the crystal disappearing.

  • The box you receive may contain a Cryptogram to solve.

  • Drag the correct letters from the Available Letters section to the top part marked Cryptogram to find the solution.

  • If the letter needs to be used more than once, it will duplicate itself for the other places it is used like the "A" for the blue dew drops in this sample.

  • This is only an example because the games are random.

  • Once you have completed the game, the knob on the right with the blue stone will twist and a piece of map will evolve with the next "Magical Place" marked.

  • This mini game is not associated with the box but will appear after you have been asked to find a certain number of objects such as 25 bones or 30 butterflies.

  • It is a "Concentration" sort of game where you need to click on the cards to turn them over and find the matching pairs.

  • After you complete the game you will be given a bottle of the Elixir of Life to drink. Your maximum energy for battle will then increase by 10 Health Points.


You return home and find your beloved has disappeared. The house is a mess and there are signs of a struggle. You need to find clues as to what happened there.

  • Find 16 pieces of paper - 6 pieces that make up the Shield and 5 pieces of the Mace.

  • The pieces of paper turn out to be a map. The Shield is that of a Goblin and the Mace is a Goblin weapon.


  • A mini puzzle of the map appears for you to put together. This is the solution.


You decide to follow the goblins. The above map shows the route the Goblins took when they made off with your beloved. You will follow this path with various stops along the way but first you must find your magic items for the journey.

  • The Medallion marked in magenta has Anna's and Gabriel's pictures.

  • The Magic Cauldron marked in yellow will help create spells.

  • A Book of Spells (for a beginner alchemist) is marked in blue.

  • A Bag of Ingredients which has an endless supply of alchemy ingredients is marked in green.

  • The Book of Spells that you find has 4 spells that will now help you with your next task......2 are white magic and 1 each water and fire.


  • At your first stop you will do battle against the Skeleton.

  • His weakness is white magic and his Health Points are 8.

  • You have 54 seconds before he attacks you.

  • The yellow square shows the magic spell recipes you will need to collect to cast a spell.

  • The white square shows your health points. If you lose all your health points, you lose the battle.

  • The pink square shows your enemy's health points. When your foe loses all of his health points you win the battle.

  • The magenta square shows the time remaining until your enemy's next attack. Your spells can increase this time by shocking him and therefore postponing his attack.

  • The picture above is a sample scene shot because the items are random and scroll according the number of objects you need to find for a spell.


  • Once you have defeated the Skeleton you have a brief conversation with your beloved. There are pieces of an image in your mind that you need to put together for the puzzle mini game. This is the solution.


  • The Forest Pixie will attack in 36 seconds, her weakness is black magic, and her Health Points are 7.

  • Find the necessary ingredients for the spells to defeat the Pixie.

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