CoasterVille Serve Money Tree: Everything you need to know

The long-time partnership between Zynga and American Express has shown up in CoasterVille, as players are now allowed to plant the Serve Money Tree in their parks. This tree is useful for every player, as it allows them to earn free Park Cash, but those that are willing to spend real-world money will earn even more.

This Serve Money Tree is free to place, and it allows you to tend it 10 times, once per day, for 1 Park Cash per tend. After that, you'll be able to either ignore the tree from then on, or use it to sign up for the Serve Rewards program. This program revolves around pre-paid "money cards" that you load with your own money, and then spend at retailers like you would a credit or debit card.

For signing up for the program, you'll receive an additional 230 Park Cash. It's free to sign up, so keep that in mind, and you'll receive 25 Park Cash for simply activating the card that you'd just signed up for. After you've created an account, if you actually add money to the card, you'll receive 150 more Park Cash. Finally, you'll receive 75 Park Cash each for up to 10 purchases made using the money on that card.

All in all, this Serve Rewards promotion might take a lot of time to complete, but it's basically free, especially since you can use the money you add to the card to purchase items you likely would have anyway, regardless of the game or this promotion (say, on food at the grocery store, for example). If you're interested in earning this free Park Cash, make sure to click on your Serve Money Tree in your park now for more details.

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