Nearly 40 Employees Tattoo Their Bodies To Get A Raise

Real estate brokers with Rapid Realty get a 15 percent raise when they get a tattoo of the company logo.In the new economy, with layoffs a regular occurrence, many employees feel that no jobs are permanent. One day, your boss an be celebrating your work, but the next he can hand you a pink slip. So, would you be willing to tattoo the company's logo on your body if you were promised a 15 percent raise in return?

Rapid Reality, a New York-based residential real estate brokerage firm, made that offer to its 800 employees, and nearly 40 employees permanently inked themselves with the company logo, according to Inman News, the online real estate news site. (Rapid Realty, a company with 800 employees, does not release brokers' income but pays its brokers entirely in commission.)

"I don't see myself going anywhere, and if I have it on my arm, it'll force me to keep going and working hard," Brooklyn-based broker Adam Altman said while getting the tattoo, in a video that Rapid Realty posted to YouTube. "It's there for life. Rapid for life, yo."

The company's founder, Anthony Lolli, who came up with the idea, says the 36 employees who got the tattoo were demonstrating admirable commitment to their work. They "get a lot of respect from the other agents with the amount of commitment that they have," he told Inman News. And the company's social media accounts proudly promote the employee body-branding campaign:

In writing about the tattoos, the New York-based industry publication, The Real Deal, said the tattoos caught on thanks to Rapid's policy of giving brokers the "chance to run their own businesses," as franchises. The practice sets Rapid apart from other New York firms that have a more centralized organization and "may inspire the outsize dedication," the Real Deal said.

With the housing collapse, real estate brokers have faced a tough few years, but a few big deals in New York can give brokers a big income. According to 2012 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean wage of real estate brokers in New York City is $112,000.

What do you think? Would you tattoo yourself with your company's logo for a raise?

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