Draw Something 2 tips and tricks straight from the creators

Draw Something 2 cheats tips
Draw Something 2 cheats tips

​In case you somehow missed it: Draw Something 2 is finally here. The sequel to the hit mobile take on Pictionary slipped onto the iPhone App Store in the night this week. Chances are that, if you're a true fan, you're already doodling away with your buddies (or random strangers--who knows?). But of course, there's always room to learn. That's where the Draw Something 2 team, Zynga New York, comes in with tips straight from the producers. Get your learn on below:

Game Tips

  • Achievements can earn "Stars" that can be used for new tools, words, colors and hints. Hundreds of activities, including commenting on and 'liking' drawings, earn Stars. Completing the Daily Draw or Daily Guess five days in a row also earns stars.

  • It's possible to play offline. Fire up the app while you still have a connection to let games update. When you're offline, you can play to your heart's desire, and all your progress will be saved the next time you're online.

  • Recycling drawings is easy. If it's your turn to draw and you're short on time, you can keep your turn alive by sending a pre-made drawing that's saved in your gallery. You only need to swipe to the right on the word select screen and choose "Recycle a Drawing" to pick the perfect drawing to send along.

  • Making Profiles pop. You can upload any drawing on your profile pic – you just have to tap the button on the right of any full-size drawing and choose "Set as Profile." Plus, you can say a bit about yourself by customizing your bio text.

  • Claiming a (user) Name. It's easy for friends to start a game with you by choosing a User name – from the "Me" tab, they tap "Edit Profile" and select the user name option at the bottom of the screen.


Drawing Tips

  • Instant Replay: Watch an instant replay of every drawing, simply by tapping on it. Watching a drawing unfold is great fun, and an awesome way to learn new techniques.

  • Pattern Pen: Using a pattern as a background is great way to add depth to a drawing, especially if you layer it with the Watercolor Brush or Highlighter. And don't be afraid to use patterns in ways they may not be obviously intended for!

  • Watercolors: Create your own filter with a quick wash of the Watercolor tool, or add a splash of color for the background.

  • Crayon: A great way to create a playful drawing, but also a useful tool to create patches of rough or fuzzy texture within drawings.

  • Sparkle Pen: At small sizes, the sparkle pen can create a nice glistening effect on any surface--from skin to water. At larger sizes, sparkle is helpful at creating a starry sky or a twinkle in an eye.

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