ChefVille 'Batter Up' Quests: Everything you need to know

Now that the weather has finally turned in ChefVille, Rock is ready for some sun and fun, and he brings those to our restaurants via the release of the Spring Sports Countdown and the Spring Sports Cooking Station. Like other previously released Countdowns, this one comes with a fully built appliance, allowing you to get straight to cooking a variety of new dishes. We're here with a guide to completing the first four quests in this series, called Batter Up, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

A Wing and a Dream

  • Place the Spring Sports Station

  • Have Bodacious Buffalo Wings Unlocked

  • Cook Bodacious Buffalo Wings 5 Times

Again, this Spring Sports Station comes fully built, so you'll just need to click a few times to get it up and running. As for the Bodacious Buffalo Wings, these are unlocked by collecting three Buffalo Sauces via a general news post placed on your wall. To actually cook this dish, you'll need two Buffalo Sauce, two Garlic, and one Chicken. This dish can be cooked in just five minutes, and you'll receive one Salt, 15 XP, and 25 coins for finishing this first quest off.

Thick Skinned

  • Have Big Game Potato Skins Unlocked

  • Give 5 Chef's Services with Bodacious Buffalo Wings

  • Serve Big Game Potato Skins 5 Times

This Big Game Potato Skins dish is unlocked by collecting Sour Cream inside the Spring Sports Countdown. While this item isn't yet available as of this writing, we can only imagine that you'll need to collect these Sour Cream ingredients by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. Once you collect that Sour Cream, you'll be able to cook the dish using two Sour Cream, one Irish Potato, and three Onions per five minute batch. Completing this second quest gives you two Mozzarella, 15 XP, and 25 coins.

Pop, Don't Stop

  • ​Have Jalapeno Poppers Unlocked

  • Tend Egg Crates 5 Times

  • Have 1 Mastery Star for Jalapeno Poppers

The Jalapeno Poppers are unlocked by collecting Split Jalapeños via the Spring Sports Countdown. When you've unlocked the dish, you'll be able to cook it using two Split Jalapeno, two Mozzarella Cheese, and two Eggs per batch. The first Mastery Star for this dish is earned after serving it six times. When you finish this third quest, you'll receive two Mozzarella, 25 coins, and 25 XP.

Lacrosse Sticks

  • Have Massive Mozzarella Sticks Unlocked

  • Tend Neighbors' Cheese Racks 6 Times

  • Have 2 Mastery Stars for Massive Mozzarella Sticks

The Massive Mozzarella Sticks recipe is unlocked by collecting Seasoned Bread Crumbs. Once you've collected enough, you can cook the dish using two Seasoned Bread Crumbs, three Mozzarella, and one Salt per batch. Each one takes 15 minutes to prepare. The first Mastery Star is earned by cooking the dish four times, so you'll obviously need to cook it more than that to earn the second star. When you finish this final quest in the series, you'll receive two Salt, 25 XP, and 50 coins.

This entire Spring Sports Countdown will be available for the next two weeks. Good luck unlocking all of the dishes and completing this Countdown in time!

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