AT&T Launches Home Technology Management Service


AT&Tlaunched its new home technology management and security service, called Digital Life, in 15 cities across America today.

The company said in press release that users can remotely adjust their house's temperature, check in on their kids, unlock doors, and check if they closed their garage door using the Digital Life system. At the core of Digital Life is the 24/7 professional home monitoring service, which will respond to emergencies and call police.

Digital Life users can control many aspects of their home using their smartphone, tablet, or PC. Users can choose options like indoor and outdoor cameras, remote appliance and thermostat controls, door lock and unlock features, water detection and more. AT&T said in the release that, "People rely on their mobile devices more than ever, so Digital Life offers an easy and convenient way to secure their homes, protect their families and simplify their lives from virtually anywhere."

The new service is currently available in Atlanta, Austin, Boulder, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Riverside (Calif.), San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and select areas in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area. AT&T said Digital Life will expand into 50 additional markets by the end of this year. Pricing for the service starts at around $30 per month, with a $150 installation fee.

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