Talisman Prologue iPhone & Android cheats and tips

Talisman Prologue cheats tipsTalisman Prologue picked up the rare distinction of a 5 out of 5 score in our review earlier today, thanks to its deep and satisfying fantasy strategy tactics and endless variety. We've dragged ourselves away from playing it just long enough to bring you some very useful tips for mastering the game in the early days.

- If you're trying to achieve the maximum rating possible on a quest, you're going to need three things - planning, practice and luck. There's nothing you can do about your luck but practice will help you manage misfortune much better. When it comes to planning, keep the specific objectives of your quest in mind and don't deviate from your plan unless necessary. Don't forget that you can use gold and stat-enhancing trophies to bypass a lot of poor luck.

- The closer you go into the center of the board, the more challenging the encounters you'll face, so there's a clear opening, middle and closing stage to each quest. Knowing when to make a move inwards is largely a question of practise (understand the objects and followers at hand), and also the specific requirements of the quest you're on. Don't try to head into the center of the board too earlier unless the strength of your character and followers allows for it.

- Don't forget to cash in your trophies when you have a decent selection as these can make a serious difference to your attacking power. It's easy to lose track of what you have in your pack, but making use of these bonuses can make the difference between progressing deeper into the board very early on, or too late to finish the quest with a decent rating.

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