Make a Splash Saving on Summer Entertainment Kids

Savings Experiment: Summer Entertainment for Kids Summer is just around the corner and your kids will be up for anything. Here's how to beat the heat and keep them busy on a budget.

On hot summer days, don't settle for store-bought kiddie pools. Call your local hotels, colleges and fitness centers to find out what kind of pool access is available. Many locations allow pool use for a small fee, and won't require you to sign up for a membership. Free swim times may be in the early morning or late evening, but that's nothing you can't tackle with a little planning.

Another way to entertain your young ones is to take them to a low-cost matinee movie. Big chains like Regal and Cinemark offer matinee showings for as little as $1 on Wednesday mornings. But whenever you decide to go, try to avoid buying your tickets online. You'll likely incur extra fees that aren't worth the convenience. Simply get in line to save.

If your family is big on sports, take them to a minor league baseball game. It's not the majors, but at $15 a ticket, you'll have plenty of money left over for sweet and salty treats. Head to to see which teams are playing near you.

kids at the poolSo, when it comes to summer entertainment, use these tips to keep your family busy. You'll be able to provide plenty of warm-weather fun without breaking the bank.
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