Star Trek trainer, cheats and more

Star Trek

Imagine any dangerous scenario aboard the USS Enterprise. So long as shields and phasers were good to go, danger might as well turn around and run home. Turns out, the same logic applies in Star Trek: The Video Game.

Assuming control of Kirk and Spock in this "bro-op", you'll enjoy a new adventure in the Star Trek canon, filling the gap between the last film and the upcoming, Star Trek Into Darkness. To help when things get tough, Cheat Happens has set shields and phasers to their maximum power levels, which is to say that the phasers will stun and the shields will shield. Check out the trainers to make this "bro-op" even more "bromantic."

Check out the trailer for Star Trek: The Video Game, available now for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Cheat Happens

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