Virtual Boy emulated on the Oculus Rift

Virtual Boy Oculus Rift​While Nintendo isn't exactly doing particularly well right now, one of its biggest historical bungles was the Virtuaboy. It was a 3D headset back when 3D was a fresh new idea (that's right kiddies, 3D has been tried before). However it had a monochromatic red/black colour scheme, the device to view it in was huge and had to be placed on a desk and within minutes of using it, most gamers reported horribly painful headaches.

However, one user has taken this backwards technology from yesteryear and emulated it on the Oculus Rift, the 21st century's answer to the future of 3D gaming and apparently, it works very well.

According to Cymatic, while there is no head tracking, the image is in great clarity and the 3D looks good. He said that it actually works so well he spent a few hours playing the pinball and red alarm games - which could be the longest anyone has ever spent playing a Virtuaboy game with a head mounted display.

Watch the video on MegaGames >

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