Gameloft's take on Iron Man 3 launches on iOS, Android


Earlier this year, we learned that Gameloft had taken on the challenge of creating a game as epic as Iron Man himself. Released with plenty of time left before Iron Man 3's premiere in theaters next month, Gameloft's newest iOS and Android game is called simply "Iron Man 3: The Official Game."

Iron Man 3: The Official Game is an "endless flyer" that sees you controlling Iron Man as he flies through locations all around the world in an attempt to stop the evil "A.I.M." Players can unlock up to 18 different suits as they play, and can also unlock upgrades to their armor and powers inside the game's research lab. While Iron Man may move forward on his own, players can control his movement left and right to collect currency, as well as aiming to fire their weapons at the many enemies on the screen.

In addition to the game's obvious references to the films, Gameloft has also included four boss characters from the Iron Man comics, including Crimson Dynamo and Living Laser. Check out the game's trailer below for more info, or just download the game for free now on iOS or Android.

Download Iron Man 3: The Official Game on iOS >

Download Iron Man 3: The Official Game on Android >

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