Something Green: Environmentally Friendly Wedding Dresses

Green Wedding Dresses

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something ... green?

Wedding season is here, and apart from wreaking havoc on your wallet, it can also cause some damage to the environment. An estimated 2.5 million weddings will be held across the nation this year, each of which produces 600 to 800 tons of waste, according to the Green Bride Guide.

But one in five couples preparing to tie the knot these days is trying to reduce their carbon print, a study by Splendid Insights reveals. Many have started to reconsider the traditional wedding dress -- expensive to produce, bleached starchy white and usually worn only once. But this doesn't mean that the eco-minded bride-to-be has to walk down the aisle in a burlap sack. Let these dresses inspire you to create your own affordable and environmentally friendly dress.